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Hi, I’m Geanina!


I’m a career coach – I help people find the right career for them so that they can spend their time doing more of what they love.
I know how important it is for you to do the work that feels right. It’s more than just keeping busy and earning money to pay the bills. For you, it means enjoying your time at work and the people you interact with, being good at what you do and feeling purposeful.

I also know that…

Being in an unsuitable job can affect your confidence and your self-esteem. It’s hard to fit in and excel in an environment you weren’t cut out for no matter how hard you try. Also, if you’ve been in your field of work for a while, you might have forgotten (or forgot to practice) the things you are actually good at. It’s hard to imagine yourself doing anything else when you’ve been in the same scenario for so long.

But what if you could use you current experience and interests to start something new?!

You already have what it takes to make a change in the right direction. Your interests, challenges, achievements and transferable skills from your past are not meant to keep you stuck there forever. On the contrary, they are the seeds that can help you develop a new, meaningful career.
If you’re not sure how or if you’ve tried to do it on your own and you’ve found it confusing, I can help! My approach is solution-focused and gets to the root of the problem. I will be there for you, offering you the safe space and the encouragement you need to find clarity and finally take action!

Right from the start, I knew that I had encountered someone special: it’s rare to meet somebody with such a pure intention to serve. Coupled with her inviting, insightful manner, Geanina’s commitment to transformation activated breakthrough after breakthrough. Before our work together, I was uncertain about the direction of my career. Geanina helped me become crystal clear about my path and the steps that it would take to get there. Working with Geanina has created a deep sense of purpose and empowerment; and I’ve finally taken action. I would highly recommend Geanina to anyone who wants to be gently and gracefully guided and held throughout the process of self-discovery and change.

Sara J.

I had the great opportunity of working with Geanina, and I must say that despite my initial skepticism about the whole coaching idea, her genuine concern and great insight into my issues made me realize that indeed a good coach can really make a positive difference. Knowing my interest for the law of attraction, Geanina made sure to introduce the law of attraction components into our sessions, she also shared with me many interesting links and books to help me through my journey.  In summary, I really recommend working with Geanina if you are looking for a kind-hearted, professional and committed coach.

Amal B.

Get my FREE guide – ”6 ways to figure out your next career”

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