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You’re a creative and ambitious person but you’re stuck in a job that no longer fulfils you. Every day you dread going to work, knowing how stressful and draining it is. Despite a regular income that pays the bills, you can’t help but feel like that is not enough for you.

You want more from life, you want to do something you enjoy, where you can be yourself and make a difference.


You’re trying to plan your escape but you’re stuck and confused wondering:
What other career options are there for me?!
What if I don’t have what it takes to change careers?!
I have so many interests and ideas, which one should I pursue?!
Why jeopardise my current job and risk losing the security I have?!

If what you want is to:

wake up every day feeling happy and motivated about your day at work
do something you enjoy and you’re good at
work with people you like to be around
feel like you belong in your workplace
make a difference and have a purpose
be more peaceful, present and in control of your life
I can help! Book a free coaching session with me (worth £70) and find out what you need to do in order to successfully change career. During our session, I will offer you a safe and non-judgemental space to explore your thoughts about your options and to gain new insights. You’ll feel understood, encouraged and confident about your next step. You will also get the chance to see how I work to help you decide if I’m the right coach for you.
When I first met Geanina, I was feeling very overwhelmed and confused by all the different directions I could go in and the tasks ahead. Geanina listened very patiently as I sorted through the jumble of thoughts in my head. She helped me clarify my priorities and provided some exercises that gave me a fascinating insight into my professional skills, competencies and interests. She also kept me accountable to the goals I set each week. Having Geanina’s support during this difficult period in my life was invaluable as she always showed up with compassion, presence and understanding. I always felt safe and fully supported and would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with their career development. Kim L.

I know that a career change can be a confusing process. I also know how important it is to have around you people who support and encourage you. This is why I’m offering you this free session.

I believe that finding the right career can be a rewarding experience that can give you a better sense of who you are and of what you can achieve in life.

I’m excited to support you on your way to achieving all of that!

Right from the start, I knew that I had encountered someone special: it’s rare to meet somebody with such a pure intention to serve. Coupled with her inviting, insightful manner, Geanina’s commitment to transformation activated breakthrough after breakthrough. Before our work together, I was uncertain about the direction of my career. Geanina helped me become crystal clear about my path and the steps that it would take to get there. Working with Geanina has created a deep sense of purpose and empowerment; and I’ve finally taken action. I would highly recommend Geanina to anyone who wants to be gently and gracefully guided and held throughout the process of self-discovery and change. Sara J.

I had the great opportunity of working with Geanina, and I must say that despite my initial skepticism about the whole coaching idea, her genuine concern and great insight into my issues made me realize that indeed a good coach can really make a positive difference. Knowing my interest for the law of attraction, Geanina made sure to introduce the law of attraction components into our sessions, she also shared with me many interesting links and books to help me through my journey.  In summary, I really recommend working with Geanina if you are looking for a kind-hearted, professional and committed coach.

Amal B.

Coaching packages

3 or 6 Sessions Package


Do you want to find your passion, gain more confidence in yourself or reconnect with your creativity?

Get clarity, encouragement and action steps so you can get unstuck

– £175 for 3 sessions*

– £360 for 6 sessions*

£175 – £360

More Details

These sessions can help you:

◦ Find your passion

◦ Reconnect with your creativity

◦ Gain confidence

◦ Get a clear picture of your transferable skills

◦ Connect with the energy of your dream job so you can attract it easily

◦ Find your purpose

◦ Eliminate unhelpful beliefs


Before you choose a package, let’s make sure I’m the right coach for you.

Book your free introductory session now!

*the 3 sessions package is valid over 3 months
*the 6 sessions package is valid over 6 months

Career Clarity Package

This package is specifically created to help you find the right career path for you. If you want to change careers and you’re unsure about what you should do next, this is for you!

– 4x sessions (2x 90 minutes, 2 x 1 hour)


More Details
During our work together, you will get:
A new perspective: I’ll help you understand how you got where you are and your work values. You’ll find out the real reason why you’re not happy in your job and what it is you need to focus on to avoid making the same mistake in the future.
A clear picture of your skills, passion(s) and what makes you thrive in a workplace. You’ll learn your strengths and we’ll look at how you can use them to do what you enjoy. If you have no clue as to what your next job should be, this is when you’ll come up with ideas. If you’re already struggling with choosing an option, this will confirm if your job ideas are right for you or not.
– A new mindset: We will address any self-doubt, worries, or lack of confidence you may have regarding your options, implementing them and making them fit in with the rest of your life.
– A safe space to plan your path to a new career and life. We will zoom in on the steps you need to take and on how your next move will affect other aspects of your life.


Before you choose a package, let’s make sure I’m the right coach for you.

Book your free introductory session now!

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1 session

This is my gift to you. It’s meant to help you decide if coaching is right for you and if you enjoy working with me. To get the most out of this call, it’s best if you come prepared with a goal in mind, a topic you want to get clarity on. At the end of the session, I may ask you if you’re interested in one of my packages but there is no pressure to commit to anything.

Choose a Coaching Plan

After our initial session, if we’re a good match, I will invite you to choose a coaching package. There are three options: the 3 session and the 6 session packages will focus on a career related topic of your choice, while the third one is more structured and it’s meant to take you through the steps I recommend if you want to figure out the right career for you.

Reach Your Goals

Once you’ve decided on a package, I will send you a link with details so you can book your first session and pay. You can choose the time and frequency of the calls according to your schedule. We will connect via Skype or Zoom.
I reached out to Geanina because of a massive block in the career area: 1.5 years of unemployment and struggles with motivation, a sense of purpose and ambition. Geanina was extremely positive and smiling and she has an infectious energy! I felt truly heard because she would summarize everything I’d said, and she offered extremely helpful exercises that happened to be just what I needed at the moment to kickstart my productivity. I felt that she was very intuitive and had a personalized approach to my specific situation. In the second session, we even worked with some law of attraction exercises, and at the end of that session my positive energy was so high that I felt I could achieve everything I wanted at that moment in my career. Lo and behold, a mere three weeks later I got a job interview and I got the job!!! I’m feeling excited and confident about this job and my professional abilities. I would recommend Geanina to anyone who feels stuck and wants to become unstuck. Eve A.

I contacted Geanina after I made a decision to quit my overwhelming job and focus on the things that really mattered for me. The sessions with Geanina were a pleasurable experience. Her firm but gentle guidance and questions, were exactly what I needed to get myself back on track. From our first session Geanina really made me think about my beliefs and helped me to increase my self-awareness. After the end of each session she provided me with useful assignments that helped me discover interesting patterns and new things about myself. Geanina is a great listener and very easy to talk with. She is a great coach who I would recommend to everyone who wants to take their professional life to the next level or want to increase the happiness in their personal life. Kristina K.

Geanina is a fabulous coach! Not only is her energy calm and warm, but you can tell she’s truly invested in YOU. She listens, listens, listens, and then all of a sudden gives an amazing nugget of information that makes you go, “Aha!” Be prepared to take lots of notes with her and finally find that clarity you’re looking for! Jess M.

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