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Your new fulfilling career is waiting for you


You’re a creative and ambitious person but…

…your current job is stressful, tiring and you’re surrounded by negative people;
…you have some ideas for change but you’re not sure which ones to act on. It’s hard to imagine yourself doing anything else when you’ve been in the same scenario for so long.
… you don’t know what the right path is for you because you don’t know what you’re good at;
…you’re afraid that you won’t make the same money you’re making now, that you’ll lose everything you’ve worked for and invested in so far, even though you know it’s not right for you.

To top it all, you’re struggling with self-doubt, you don’t know how you’re going to make this change. So you end up procrastinating…

If what you want is to:


wake up every day feeling happy and motivated about your day at work

do something you enjoy and you’re good at
work with people you like to be around
feel like you belong in your workplace
make a difference and have a purpose
be more peaceful, present and in control of your life

I’ve got some good news for you!


You already have what it takes to make a change in the right direction – you just need to know how to connect the dots.

And you don’t have to do it all on your own!

What you need is:


Someone to help you see how your strengths, interests and experience fit together to point you in the direction of your dream work. You need someone to give you a safe space to make sense of your ideas, insights that are hard to find on your own and accountability.

I can help! Book a free consultation with me and find out what you need to do in order to successfully change career. During our session, I will offer you a safe and non-judgemental space to explore your thoughts about your options and to gain new insights. You’ll feel understood, encouraged and confident about your next step. You will also get the chance to see how I work to help you decide if I’m the right coach for you.

Coaching packages

3 or 6 Sessions Package


Do you want to find your passion, gain more confidence in yourself or reconnect with your creativity?

Get clarity, encouragement and action steps so you can get unstuck

– £175 for 3 sessions*

– £360 for 6 sessions*

£175 – £360

More Details

These sessions can help you:

◦ Find your passion

◦ Reconnect with your creativity

◦ Gain confidence

◦ Get a clear picture of your transferable skills

◦ Connect with the energy of your dream job so you can attract it easily

◦ Find your purpose

◦ Eliminate unhelpful beliefs


*the 3 sessions package is valid over 3 months
*the 6 sessions package is valid over 6 months

Career Clarity Package

This package is specifically created to help you find the right career path for you. If you want to change careers and you’re unsure about what you should do next, this is for you!

– 4x sessions (2x 90 minutes, 2 x 1 hour)


More Details

During our work together, you will get:
A new perspective: I’ll help you understand how you got where you are and your work values. You’ll find out the real reason why you’re not happy in your job and what it is you need to focus on to avoid making the same mistake in the future.
A clear picture of your skills, passion(s) and what makes you thrive in a workplace. You’ll learn your strengths and we’ll look at how you can use them to do what you enjoy. If you have no clue as to what your next job should be, this is when you’ll come up with ideas. If you’re already struggling with choosing an option, this will confirm if your job ideas are right for you or not.
– A new mindset: We will address any self-doubt, worries, or lack of confidence you may have regarding your options, implementing them and making them fit in with the rest of your life.
– A safe space to plan your path to a new career and life. We will zoom in on the steps you need to take and on how your next move will affect other aspects of your life.

When I first met Geanina, I was feeling very overwhelmed and confused by all the different directions I could go in and the tasks ahead. Geanina listened very patiently as I sorted through the jumble of thoughts in my head. She helped me clarify my priorities and provided some exercises that gave me a fascinating insight into my professional skills, competencies and interests. She also kept me accountable to the goals I set each week. Having Geanina’s support during this difficult period in my life was invaluable as she always showed up with compassion, presence and understanding. I always felt safe and fully supported and would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with their career development. Kim L.

Geanina supported me in moving on when I was kind of stuck on my journey. She was a great help in crystallizing what my strengths and values are, making it clearer where I am heading to. I got new insights on this topics, learning to think of them in another way and connect them with each other which was extremely helpful . She is a great listener who is leading you basically asking insightful questions. I have now a much clearer picture of myself – and a lot to think of as well. Julia M.

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