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A fulfilling job is not something reserved for just a few lucky people.


Pretending you’re happy in a job that leaves you feeling useless and anxious is like trying to fit in a pair of shoes that aren’t right for you. For a while you might pretend your feet aren’t hurting you but the more you wear them, the more uncomfortable you feel. It’s easy to stick with what you’re used to either because you don’t know where else to look or because you don’t know what’s right for you. But you’ll only end up feeling less and like yourself. Time is passing by and you can’t spend the rest of your life doing this.

I’m Geanina and I’m a career coach who wants to help you find a job that is right for you so you enjoy your time spent at work, feel motivated and happy with yourself.

If you’re reading this, it’s very likely that we have a few things in common. First of all because I’ve also been through a few career transitions: I started out as a translator, then worked in childcare and broadcasting. But I wasn’t truly fulfilled and spent quite some time feeling purposeless and lost.
I’ve always been good at seeing the strengths in others, helping them gain confidence and listening with an open heart. I realised that coaching is the perfect way for me to do what I love and be at my best; so I became accredited as a life coach with the IAPCM and trained as a career counsellor with Career Counselling Services. In order to walk my talk, I’ve also decided to pursue my other big passion for working with energy and I’ve recently become a certified ThetaHealing practitioner. Now I combine my energy work with my knowledge of the Law of Attraction to help my clients become fulfilled in their lives.
I’m a positive person who likes to bring a dose of sunshine to all my sessions. My clients appreciate my gentle style of coaching and my insights. I’m kind of coach who helps you stay focused on your goal and take inspired action to pursue it. My coaching approach is positive which means that we will focus on finding solutions and on building your strengths.

Other than coaching, my favourite things to do are: hiking, taking photos of nature, exploring Britain, having hours long conversations about the MBTI and pretty much any self-development topic. I’m also a co-author of the book ”Your Daily Dose of Happy – Success Stories of the Law of Attraction”.

Geanina is a fabulous coach! Not only is her energy calm and warm, but you can tell she’s truly invested in YOU. She listens, listens, listens, and then all of a sudden gives an amazing nugget of information that makes you go, “Aha!” Be prepared to take lots of notes with her and finally find that clarity you’re looking for!

Jess M.

Geanina has a uniquely loving, insightful and generous approach to coaching and creates a very safe space that invites clarity and courage.
 Every time I have a coaching session with her, I get filled up with renewed hope and possibility and feel like I can achieve or experience anything I desire.
 If you have any blocks in an area of your life, I really recommend working with Geanina, especially if you are sensitive and prefer a gentle (yet very effective) approach.

Roxana H.

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