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Staying focused on the positive, believing in yourself and taking action are the great ways to achieve what you want in life. Knowing this will get you ahead of many people. It’s even better if you know how to use affirmations, vision boards, meditation and visualisations …

But it doesn’t always work… and despite your best efforts:

You’re still surrounded by negative people,

you don’t have the confidence to put yourself out there,

you’re afraid of failure,

you’re feeling like you’re not good enough and

you’re still unhappy in your relationship/ job.


It’s ok if this happens, it just means that you’re wanting something very big – bigger than what you’ve dared to dream up until now and that you’re stretching yourself beyond your boundaries.


The good news:
As soon as you make a wish, the Universe responds to it and It starts bringing it to you in the best way.


The bad news is that you can get in the way of receiving it. You do so by choosing thoughts that work against your desire such as: doubting it’s possible, believing that you’re not worth having it or even fearing success. Some of these thoughts or beliefs aren’t obvious to you or they are so ingrained in your way of thinking that they appear to be normal or that they keep you safe.

If you want to attract what you want, you need to step up your game.

You need to release your old patterns of thinking and taking action. You need to stop trying so hard and enjoy the unfolding of your desire. Only then you’ll align with it.

This is where I can help!

My goal is to help you get to the essence of what you want to manifest and remove any resistance that is preventing you from getting it. I use the ThetaHealing technique to clear any limiting beliefs from your subconscious and my 10 year experience with the law of attraction to help you focus purely on what you want and increase your magnetism.

1 session


3 sessions


6 sessions


I reached out to Geanina because of a massive block in the career area: 1.5 years of unemployment and struggles with motivation, a sense of purpose and ambition. Geanina was extremely positive and smiling and she has an infectious energy! I felt truly heard because she would summarize everything I’d said, and she offered extremely helpful exercises that happened to be just what I needed at the moment to kickstart my productivity. I felt that she was very intuitive and had a personalized approach to my specific situation. In the second session, we even worked with some law of attraction exercises, and at the end of that session my positive energy was so high that I felt I could achieve everything I wanted at that moment in my career. Lo and behold, a mere three weeks later I got a job interview and I got the job!!! I’m feeling excited and confident about this job and my professional abilities. I would recommend Geanina to anyone who feels stuck and wants to become unstuck.

Eve A.

I contacted Geanina after I made a decision to quit my overwhelming job and focus on the things that really mattered for me. The sessions with Geanina were a pleasurable experience. Her firm but gentle guidance and questions, were exactly what I needed to get myself back on track. From our first session Geanina really made me think about my beliefs and helped me to increase my self-awareness. After the end of each session she provided me with useful assignments that helped me discover interesting patterns and new things about myself. Geanina is a great listener and very easy to talk with. She is a great coach who I would recommend to everyone who wants to take their professional life to the next level or want to increase the happiness in their personal life.

Kristina K.

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